• ½ day workshop
  • Learn: all the aspects of effective communicationsexternal (to customers) and internal (inter-staff)
  • Learn: how to communicate with every personality style effectively (including difficult ones)
  • Learn: how and why to be the effective part of the sales aspect
  • Learn: time-management
  • The role of Customer Services, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration defined in the context of its importance to Clients, Business Operations, and Profit.
  • The 4 Types of Customer Service, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration.
    -Ascertain which you are (2 of which are highly undesirable); and the easy actions to take to become the most effective Type.
  • And much more

Hi, it’s Mark Nogaj here from Marksman Business Development.

We are specialist Business Advisors servicing the Waikato, Auckland, and BOP.

Those in the:

  • Customer Service,
  • Service Advisor
  • and Support Administrative

roles are essential for all businesses!

As you know, the more effective those roles are, the better a business performs;

and certainly, it shows (up or down) quite pointedly in:

  • the Sales results,
  • customer longevity
  • inter-staff operationally
  • and communication effectiveness.

We coach many businesses to great success and an integral part involves enhancements in those important roles.

For certainty, most businesses via those roles, would appreciate coaching investment for improved results.

To that end, we are holding 2 bespoke workshops:

  • Hamilton: Thursday 27 October
  • Auckland: Wednesday 2 November
  • 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • $150 + GST per person

We look forward to providing your Customer Service, Service Advisor, Support Administrative staff with valuable learnings they can put into place instantly for their benefit as well as your business and customers.

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Kind regards