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Welcome to 2021, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward to supporting your business endeavours this year.

Thank you to the many that contacted us from our last Advice Newsletter (click here to read it) with positive feedback and requests for more information.

A lot have asked for more details on the 6 COMMUNICATIONS PER LEAD concept in gaining more clients.

Briefly, it is based upon the fact that to gain a new client it will normally take a minimum of 6 forms of high-quality Communication per lead to gain a new client.

Within that scenario what is crucially important is:

  1. The quality of your Communications
  2. And the timing between.

Communication can include a variety of aspects including:

  • Advertising
  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Face-to-face
    (the same type of Communication can be used multiple times)

Many think that any form of Communication can be measured as a 1-off standalone.

That is a mistake, because the reality is that it is cumulative: one supports the other. It’s a scenario of 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1…..= New Client

The TIMIMG of the COMMUNICATIONS is crucial too.

Too regularly and you risk annoying/repulsing the Leads.

Conversely, too long between communications and the momentum will be lost.

Dependent upon your industry, the day and time you communicate also makes a significant difference.

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With the many businesses Marksman Business Development works with, the most consistent theme of not gaining new clients is because the 6 COMMUNICATIONS PER LEAD concept not being adhered to.

We received a lot of requests for advice on how to handle OBJECTIONS.

Actually, these are not that difficult to overcome once you realise the concept of pre-sales work per lead that is required to mitigate Objections in the first place.

And also, to ascertain if the Objection is legitimate.

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Some are just deadwood.
But how will you know?

Many assume a Lead is deadwood, but in fact they are not.

Marksman Business Development has a way for your Leads to automatically sort themselves out into either: Hot, Warm, Cold, or Deadwood.

It’s easy and based upon the really easy system of: Level of Activity x Behaviours = Results, we spoke of in the last Advice Newsletter.

Marksman Business Development is a registered provider with NZ Trade & Enterprise, which means half our fees can be paid for by NZTE.

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We also have our annual workshop coming up in February.
Last years was a sell-out and the feedback was hugely positive!


This is a too common theme for many businesses.

There is no point of spending money on marketing unless you have a proper proven Business Development Plan that maps out the synergistic and high-quality well-timed aspects required to gain more clients.

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