Hi Mark, you are a wealth of knowledge and so encouraging. So looking forward to putting some of your tips into action starting today! I look forward to catching up with you again and updating you on my progress 😊 Thanks again. (Kelly Blaikie, Sentinel Homes)

Good Afternoon Mark, Your Work Shop is working wonders inside my Boyds position! (Jackson Schutt, Boyds Motorcycles)

Hi Mark. I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the valuable training and insights you provided during last week’s sales workshop. Your guidance has given me a clear direction on how to become a better salesperson and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you again for your time and expertise. I am eager to put what I have learned into practice and make the most of this opportunity. (Ryan Marzo, Access Control)

Hi Mark, Thank you for your time and expertise at the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and knowledge shared. I look forward to getting back in the hunt for their business. (Ben Castelo, Sentinel Homes)

Great Workshop today. Hi Mark, I just wanted to Thank you for the workshop today. I found the workshop motivating, informative and realised how I have moved away from some of the basic rules for a sales person. It also confirmed that I am doing a lot of things right. I feel energised and driving home kept thinking of new ideas to get new business and close sales. Thank you again 😊 (Cherie Final. Sales & Marketing Manager – Wilderness Magazine)

Hi Mark, as one of the attendees put it, “Mark’s events are the best”. Honestly, I agree, well done! (Tobias Tohill, Managing Director, UVisa Global)

Hello Mark, yesterdays Workshop was amazing, I took a lot of information away which I can use to improve the business and how I follow up on leads. (Dale Jenner, Managing Director, KUT SNAKE NZ)

Thank you again for your presentation of the Marksman Business Development Sales Essentials Workshop. I have been so busy since your workshop. In the first 7 days by simply following your 6 step customer contact managed to have a brand new buyer under contract on a property and to convert a past client to a listing. Whereas usually this is a lengthy process. (Arahi Leef, Ray White Rotorua)

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for such an excellent, practical Workshop. I learnt so much and am keen to start using the strategies you taught. Thanks again for the practical help and encouragement. (Philippa Lewis, Managing Director, TenderCare Laundry)

Afternoon Mark , I just wanted to thank you for the really informative Workshop, it was great !!! I look forward to catching up with you in the future. (Shiree Lundberg, Owner, KIWIKITZ NZ)

I have been very fortunate to have, and still be, involved with Mark. I recommend him to any business 110%! My business has, and still is going from strength to strength and we have not finished yet. Mark performance is impeccable he will get you the outcome you want as long as you follow his steps and perform to. Thanks Marksman Business Development. (Karen Stuart Managing Director, DAMEL)

Hi Mark, I have learned much from the Workshop and about to write everything I can remember down now onto my Google drive so anyone in my team, as well as I, can use it as a reference point going forward. I look forward to being able to use this very soon. Looking forward to seeing you again. (Kevin Loney, Director, AliveSOS Ltd)

Customer Service And Communications Workshop: Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. Would have great to have been in this workshop when I worked for the (NZ Herald. Adele Sherson, Birch Land Development Consultants)

Mark Nogaj at Marksman Business Development is the best business mind in New Zealand. His skill in business development, borne from over three decades is the single reason why our business was saved, and in fact grew to phenomenal growth, from three removal trucks to twenty, with perfect systems and operational flow in place and superb profits. If you want improvement and growth, I 100% recommend Mark Nogaj at Marksman Business Development. (Stacy Cooney, Managing Director, Moving Out Relocations)

$30million success: “Mark is incredible- as a direct result of his strategy, advice and implementation we have secured a new $30million international client!”

Marksman Business Development provided a great sounding board for our business in a time of significant rationalisation of our processes and strategies. Mark’s knowledge, direct feedback and positive attitude were a great resource for us to call on during what has been difficult but ultimately positive period for us. We have already developed some new products and are developing our footprint in new markets. Thanks Mark!
5/5 rating (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)/Regional Business)

Mark has been outstanding with his commitment to help my business succeed. He continues to follow up e-mails and business plans and see everything through in a very good and professional way. I will highly recommend Mark and his business to anybody!!!Great service from him!!!
5/5 rating (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)/Regional Business)

Mark is very enthusiastic and has helped us boost our sales and marketing. He has given good advice and has a positive energy that has helped us through these tough times even when we nearly gave up. We would highly recommend Mark as he is very confident and is great at what he does.
5/5 rating (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)/Regional Business)

It was great to have an outsider looking in and providing professional advice. We thoroughly enjoyed this service and really appreciated the help.
5/5 rating (via New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)/Regional Business)

Thankyou! Thank you Mark, that was much more interactive from the sales team than I thought we would get which was great! The purpose of this email is to say how appreciative we are. (Trish Persini ǀ HR Manager, Central Innovation – Australia)

Hi Mark, just want to say thanks again for an informative workshop this morning. I’ve learned a lot and will employ these sales skills for the rest of my career. Thanks again. (Ryan – Craig Mcleod’s Wholesales Cars)

Thanks very much for yesterday, I realy enjoyed the workshop, took lot’s of notes, and also recorded it to listen to in the car. (Aaron Crawford – Green Acres Wellington Limited)

Thank you for today. I really enjoyed the workshop and it has given me a new boost of motivation. (Yvette Milne – Green Acres Franchise Group)

Hi Mark, thanks for the session yesterday. Was very beneficial and we have started to implement the learnings. (Mathew Koshy – Meltrons)

Thank you sooooooooo much for the workshop yesterday. It was fantastic! Kind regards. (Angela Fenton, Owner, Drugwise Testing Group- Waikato)

Hi Mark, Thank you for this mornings workshop, it was extremely helpful and valuable. Kind Regards. (Debbie Scott, Managing Director, OnFire Consulting Limited, Waikato, Auckland, Bay of Plenty)

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, learning many skills and processes that I put into practice straight away, just like you said! I look forward to meeting you again on another of your great courses. (Rebecca Johns – Business Development Manager, Medical Uniforms NZ)

You have done amazing things and I will be sure to recommend you to clients in the future! (Averil Naumai, Business Growth Advisor, Amplify- Taupo Council Economic Development Agency)

Regarding Essential Sales Skills Workshop: My turn around has greatly increased. I have more confidence in asking the tough questions and I am generating a most enquiries into sales by using the 6 step system. I have managed to turn small spending customers into buying more. And also more frequent, from the skills I learnt from the workshop. (Ricky Ward, Commercial & Industrial Insulation)

One of the best things that happened for me this year was meeting you. I am so grateful for all your mentoring and positivity and I can’t tell what a difference it made at just the right time. (via email)

“You have literally saved my business; I can’t thank you enough” (via phone)

I am very grateful for your support, mentoring and guidance that you have given me (via email)

Thank you for all this work you have done for me. – fantastic! It is so systematic thank you! (via email)

Hello Mark, just a belated note of thanks for being able to attend your excellent sales course last week. The variety of the session was amazing, and we were able to take good benefits from it. Thanks again. (email/workshop)

Hi Mark, just a quick word to say thanks a mill for the workshop today. All great and relevant to the topic, which, in my experience is not always the case. It was well worth the money and my time. I would even go as far to say, it was one of the best workshops I have been to in recent years. Thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend. (email/workshop)

Hi Mark, we just wanted to let you know you are the best business advisor we have ever experienced, a huge thank you (via email)

“Mark we just want to say how brilliant you are we really could not have started this business with out, you are excellent and we have recommended you to others” (verbal)

“Thank you Mark without you we would have literally have had to close our business. Not only have you saved us but also helped us grow considerably” (verbal)

We have seen a significant improvement in our sales managers performance from working with Mark (via email)

“Amazing results bringing our business into the future with new ideas and modernisation we needed to survive” (verbal)

“Excellent advisory skills in fact we have replaced out Australian based expert for Mark as he is achieved far better results for us” (verbal)

Thank you so much Mark for everything you do for us. You have really saved me. (via text)

Thank you also to Mark, for your expertise and wisdom on these matters. You have been a great support to the businesses you work. We value your input. (via email)


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