May 2022 Newsletter


From Mark Nogaj Of Marksman Business Development

(Expert Business Development Advisory: Waikato, Auckland, BOP)

Hi All, hope you are well and are getting through this Covid situation.

Welcome to your May 2022 edition of Free Business Development advice and tips:


For many businesses it is often a challenge to gain the right staff, or any staff for a particular role at all.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

Be a business that attracts potential employees.

This works very well for my clients.

I work with them to change their workplace paradigm to be that of one that people want to approach for work and work at.

It’s actually not that difficult to create this scenario.

Step 1- is to write up a list of what you know all staff would like in a work-environment to be happy.

Step 2– is to implement as many of this list as you can (ensuring however that your business is going to be increasing its profit)

Step 3– is to ensure word gets out about your great work environment: you do this by asking your current staff to let their friends, family, contemporaries and associates know what a great work environment your business provides.

By changing your work environment paradigm you will keep and attract quality staff.

If you would like free advice on how keep and gain quality staff: During May 2022 I am giving you an hours advice at no charge on this very topic. Call me on 027 552 5346,; click here for my bio: Mark Nogaj

Next aspect that I have put into place for many businesses to gain high quality staff is advertising for them.

But NOT via Seek or TradeMe!

I and my clients have had a phenomenal amount success attracting high quality staff, from General Management, to Trades and more, from various highly targeting relevant Facebook pages.

And these are totally free.

BUT: there are caveats to be aware of, and those are:

1] The right Facebook Pages must be selected

2] The adverts must be worded correctly to garner attention, response, and “sharing”

3] Timing must be right.

If you would like free advice on how to go about doing this: during May 2022 I am giving you an hours advice at no charge on this very topic. This will include the right list of correct Facebook pages to utilise to suit your industry, and timing and wording. Call me on 027 552 5346,; click here for my bio: Mark Nogaj


Read any opinion piece in the traditional media, social media and etc and it’s all doom and gloom.

Yes, for sure, NZ at a governmental level is out of money and Kiwi’s are and will feel the pinch.

Key date will be August; that is when NZ will really see things happening in terms of downturn in consumer spend, bankruptcies, mortgagee sales and etc.

What does that mean for your business?

Well, it’s the same as what you have had to adhere to during the whole covid situation and the last large economic downturn, and that is:

Put your foot on the Business Development peddle more.

And keep in on there.

Accept that your industry very well may shrink; however, your market share of what is left can still increase IF you up your standards in every and all regards:

Sales, Quality, Professionalism, Service, Products, Quality, etc (the list is large)

I know, I started a business during the last global economic recession, coupled with being in direct competition against one of the worlds largest conglomerates in the industry; yet I survived and in fact grew expediently because I absolutely adhered to being the very best in every single detail and my competitors did not.

Simply put: I outworked them and adhered better to Business Development aspects. You will find the same.

If you would like free advice on how to go about doing this: May 2022 I am giving you an hours advice at no charge on this very topic. Call me on 027 552 5346,; click here for my bio: Mark Nogaj.

Large Clients

What is the block your business has in achieving sales or associations with larger companies?

I work with a lot of businesses in approaching and achieving sales and associations with the largest companies in NZ and internationally.

There are certain steps to take; and its actually quite formulaic and easy to do once you know how.

Do not be intimidated by their magnitude; the fact is: the larger the sales the less effort it can be; the smaller the sale the larger the difficulty.

If you would like free advice on how to go about gaining very large clients; and the specific step required: May 2022 I am giving you an hours advice at no charge on this very topic. Call me on 027 552 5346,; click here for my bio: Mark Nogaj.

Sales Mistake Of The Month

Goodness, I see this day-in-day-out when coaching on business-to-business (B2B) sales, and that is:

the lack of face-to-face communications during the sales and relationship building “journey”.

The ultimate way of B2B sales is: face-to-face!

There is no doubting this at all.

What I see a lot is those in sales defaulting to emails, phone, texting, messenger, LinkedIn and etc. Because those methods are easier (but not better) and take less courage.

And then, they complain when they are not gaining a response or sale.

Covid certainly has affected the ability for face-to-face, but the default to that is video meetings.

This can easily be done via computer and cell phone.

Computer is best, as you can set a formal meeting day/time which links into their calendar (using Teams or Zoom).

Emails simply do not work as well as what they did 3 – 5 years ago.

The reason for this is the sheer volume of emails people receive now.

Just look at you own inbox: probably you have in excess of 100 that logistically you just can’t get to in a timely manner; if at all.

Phone calls can be okay; however, the king of communication has always been and always will be face-to-face.

If you would like free advice on how to go about communicating effectively face-to-face and via video (including “cold-calling”) for maximum results: May 2022 I am giving you an hours advice at no charge on this very topic. Call me on 027 552 5346,; click here for my bio: Mark Nogaj.

Until next month, I hope you stay well and your business thrives.

Kind regards
Mark Nogaj


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