Who is Mark Nogaj

Mark Nogaj is Managing Director of Marksman Business Development which is a Business Advisory company based in Hamilton and servicing the Waikato, BOP and Auckland.

Specialising in Business Development: (increasing revenue, sales, marketing, staff training, growth ascertainment, growth strategy/planning/implementation, business modelling for growth, communications, negotiations, pro-actively sourcing and obtaining growth aspects)

Mark Nogaj has over 25 years very successful results and experience in:

  • Business Development,
  • Business Start-Ups,
  • Senior Management,
  • Saving Failing Businesses,
  • Staff Improvement,
  • Business And Staff Culture Change For Growth,
  • Growth Strategy,
  • Business Budgeting,
  • Workplace Well-Being,
  • Strategic Alliances And Business Growth.
  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Staff improvement
  • Communications,
  • Advertising
  • Media

Work And Business Ownership History

Mark Nogaj started his professional career during his Big OE in London over 25 years ago within the most challenging of industries, and quickly excelled, becoming the companies top-performer for Business Development results in its 75 years history.

Logical progression from those results saw Mark Nogaj rise to successful mid- management and then senior management in London and New Zealand.

This included being General Manager of a larger New Zealand company with over 150 staff. Upon appointment as General Manager, Mark Nogaj had to quickly save the company as its results had slumped to concerning levels of low profit coupled very poor gnarly staff attitudes and lack of direction.

This was rectified by highly targeted and focused Business Development aspects by Mark Nogaj, to a point whereby by the second year their profit had grown in excess of $1million.

Business ownership for Mark Nogaj commended 16 years ago with the creation of a successful larger medium-sized company.

After selling the business, Mark Nogaj embarked upon Business Advisory, specialising in Business Development. In fact, he is the only dedicated Business Development Advisor in the Waikato, BOP and Auckland, and has helped many businesses of all sized and industries gain their best results ever!


Mark Nogaj is an outstanding Business Development Advisor: literally saving several businesses from failure and growing many businesses significantly.

He has the knowledge, experience and skills for your business to benefit from instantly.

See the Testimonials and References tab on the Marksman Business Development site for more details: https://www.marksman.nz/testimonials-referees/


Mark Nogaj works tirelessly behind the scenes pro-actively assisting many community and chartable organisations.

He is formal sponsor of Achievement House, which is a charity set up to help adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Mark Nogaj is the creator and organiser of Cambridges largest annual charity sported event: the Battle of the Bridge, which annually is attended by thousands and raises tens-of-thousands of dollars for charity and community organisations.

Mark Nogaj has created and run several community expos to promote community groups, organisations and sports, plus to raise money for those in need; one example of note was to raise money for an overseas life-saving medical treatment for a Cambridge resident.

Sponsor and Supporter of Cambridge Community House.

Mark Nogaj has been in the Board of the St Peter’s Parents Association for the past 8 years.

Mark Nogaj is a Committee member and sponsor of the Wairoa Marae.

He is a past Board of Director member of the Waikato Show and

Past Secretary of the Waikato Polish Association.

Mark Nogaj has sponsored and/or supported over 400 in need people or organisations over the past 20 years.

Past volunteer for the Cambridge Tree trust.

Creator and past Head of the Cambridge Barbell Club.

Who Should Contact Mark Nogaj For Assistance?

Marksman Business Development

We Are Who You Contact If You Want Your Revenue And Business To Improve And Grow!

Waikato, BOP, Auckland

Headed by one of New Zealand’s most foremost Business Development Advisors, Mark Nogaj, Marksman Business Development has helped many businesses significantly with:

  • Business advice
  • Significant growth
  • Business Development
  • Gaining significant, very large sized clients
  • Improving staff performance, even of those deemed extremely poor performers
  • Common sense direction
  • Establishment of sales strategy and implementation
  • Improving interdepartmental communications
  • External communications
  • Saving failing businesses; and, actually growing them into formidably entities!
  • Gaining finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Customer service
  • Improved personal and work standards
  • Business development
  • Common-sense “sounding board”
  • Stress
  • Targeted and dedicated focus for business growth
  • Supplier negotiations and communications
  • Government liaison

Mark Nogaj is an exceptional Business Development “hunter”. His pro-active and positive drive & attitude inspires business owners, senior management and staff.

Results include saving large businesses, literally within days of going out of business, to not only survive but thrive and experience extraordinary growth.

Mark Nogaj has a formidable array of business contacts New Zealand-wide to assist you in all respects with supply, associates, and clients.

Hamilton-based, Mark Nogaj / Marksman Business Development provides business advice NZ wide and internationally.

Mark Nogaj, Managing Director, MARKSMAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. www.marksman.nz, Ph. 027 552 5346, info@marksman.nz. Waikato Innovation Park, 1 Melody Lane, Hamilton 3216.