Essential Skills Workshop

Essential Skills Workshop for those in these roles :

Customer Service, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration

Hi, it’s Mark here from Marksman Business Development.

We are Business Advisors servicing the Auckland, Waikato, BOP areas, specialising in Business Development.

A significant aspect when we help many businesses is coaching those in the professions listed below:

  • Service Advisor
  • Customer Service
  • Support Administration
  • Reception
  • Personal Assistant

These roles performed correctly are vital in the Sales, Workflow, Performance, Operations, Communications, Reputation, Keeping of clients, and Profits of all businesses!

So, our next series of very popular and effective Workshops will be directly for those roles (business owners and managers are also welcome/will benefit)

The aspects covered (but not limited to) include:

  • The role of Customer Services, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration defined in the context of its importance to Clients, Business Operations, and Profit.
  • How and why these roles are a vital part of Sales.
  • What Sales actually measures in terms of their Role performance.
  • How being both reactive and also pro-active in the role is essential.
  • How to be proactive (proactive defined and aspects to do daily).
  • The four Types of Customer Services, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration.
    -They will ascertain which they are (2 of which are highly undesirable); and the actions to take to become the most effective Type.
  • What are the common aspects Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Management, Owners, Associates Dislike and Like about Customer Services, Service Advisor, Reception, Support Administration. Recognise these for appropriate improvement.
  • Time Management for the role.
  • How to Communicate effectively in all the forms (face-to-face, phone, email, etc).
  • How to Communicate to all personality types, including perceivably difficult ones/difficult clients

Our Workshops are always sold-out and hugely effective.

Please click here for for our Workshop Testimonials and Referees.


  • Thursday 27 October in Hamilton
  • Friday 28 October in Auckland
  • 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Free 1-on-1 additionally coaching provided on the day.
  • $300 + GST per person
  • Refreshments provided

We sincerely look forward to hosting you in our uplifting, enjoyable, and very effective Workshops.

Kind regards